Many thanks to all candidates who applied since 2004.

2017 scholarship winners:Ursa Meyer & Chantal Prouse
Ursa Meyer, our 2017 $1000 scholarship first place winner, was a student at Canterbury High School before moving on to the University of Ottawa’s music program. Ursa has been a member of several orchestras and bands in Ottawa, including Fiddlehead Soup, who were the guest performers at the Stairwell Caroller’s spring concert in June 2017. She has performed in a wide range of venues, from local coffee houses and town halls, all the way up to Parliament Hill. Ursa has also been part of her school music scene for several years, as a student, a teacher and a performer.
Her talent as a violinist, along with her involvement in her school and community, has made her a very deserving recipient of our scholarship this year.
2017 scholarship winners:Ursa Meyer & Chantal Prouse
Chantal Prouse is our $500 second place scholarship recipient for 2017. Chantal was a student at l’École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges, and has recently moved on to university to continue her education. She has been a student of the French horn for several years and has been actively involved in the music program in her school,
as well as in her local community.

2016 scholarship winner:Charlie Watson
Charlie Watson is a trumpet and piano student at Canterbury High School and the recipient of the,
2016 Stairwell Carollers $1000 scholarship.
Charlie started playing piano at age 6 and the trumpet in grade 6. He was in the winds program at
Canterbury HS and was heavily involved in the various bands.
As he stated in his essay, "I will never be able to thank music enough for what it has done for me
and the role it has played in my life. Our congratulations to you Charlie and may music continue to motivate you and fill you with joy as you work on your Bachelor of Music at the University of Toronto.

2015 scholarship winners:Richard Hardy & Isabelle Tooker
Richard Hardy & Isabelle Tooker are winners of the 2015 Stairwell Carollers' Scholarship.
Both Richard and Isabelle are students of École Secondaire Béatrice-Desloges.

Our first place winner, and the recipient of a $1000 scholarship, is Mr. Richard Hardy.
Richard put a lot of thought into his choice of instrument, finally deciding on the baritone saxophone. He played the sax with the concert and jazz bands throughout his high school year. In grade 11 he began directing the jazz band and also started a barbershop quartet that continues to wow the public to this day.

Our second place winner, and the recipient of a $500 scholarship, is Isabelle Tooker.
Isabelle started playing piano at age 3 and by age 6 started singing lesson. At age 12 she was introduced to the oboe which she describes as a life-changing experience. She played with her concert band throughout high school and has performed at many events in the community.

Both Richard and Isabelle have been accepted in the Bachelor of Music Program and the University of Ottawa. They've also applied at several other universities and are waiting to hear back.

The carollers would like to recognize their high school teacher Mrs. Isabelle Brassard-Porter for her contribution to their musical development. Congrats to all.

2014 scholarship winner: Mikaela Shalla
Mikaela Shalla is the winner of the 2014 Stairwell Carollers' Scholarship.

Mikaela graduated from the École secondaire catholique Beatrice-Desloges. She plays flute, piccolo and piano, but her absolute passion is the flute, which she has been studying for the past 6 years. Mikaela has been involved in many aspects of the band music program at her school, including MusicFest Canada Nationals (2012) and the World Strides Heritage Festival in Boston (2013 - they brought home gold in every category). She also won a bursary to attend Camp Musical Asbestos, a summer music camp in Quebec.
Mikaela will be attending Queen's University in Kingston, and she has been accepted into the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education programs. One of her major goals after graduation would be to play flute and piccolo in a professional orchestra, particularly on movie soundtracks. Her backup plan is to teach music at the elementary or high school level, allowing her to share her passion for music with children and to make a difference with music education in our schools.

2013 scholarship winners:Mikayla Jensen-Large & Braydan Pelley
Mikayla Jensen-Large & Braydan Pelley are winners of the 2013 Stairwell Carollers' Scholarship.

Even by age 8, Mikayla knew that performing on stage was what she wanted to do. By end of grade 8, she had been taking voice lessons for some time. She enrolled in the Voice Program at Canterbury High School and participated in several vocal ensembles during her time there.

Braydan started playing the trombone in grade 6 at Henry Larsen Elementary School, but by the end of that year had been introduced to the tuba, and so began his tuba playing career. Braydan is a graduate of Canterbury High School.

Both Mikayla and Braydan have been accepted in the Bachelor of Music Program and the University of Ottawa. They've also applied at several other universities and are waiting to hear back.

2012 scholarship winner:Daniel Desgroseilliers                                                                       2012 scholarship winner:Ashley Kurkjian
Daniel Desgroseilliers and Ashley Kurkjian are winners of the 2012 Stairwell Carollers' Scholarship.

Daniel is a graduate of Merivale High School. He enjoys, and loves to play, all types of music from classical and jazz to rock and musical theatre. He has completed his grade 10 RCM for both piano and trombone, and is excited to be playing in this year's national Youth Jazz Summit at the Ottawa Jazz Festival.
Daniel will be entering a Bachelor of Music program at the University of Ottawa this coming September, learning more about jazz alongside his classical studies. He also wants to continue teaching privately.
After graduation, Daniel aspires to perform in a professional ensemble while also keeping his options open to becoming an accredited music teacher.

Ashley, a graduate from John McCrae Secondary School, started playing the piano when she was 5 years old and took up the saxophone in Grade 6. In her high school years, she developed a true passion for saxophone, and was involved with the Concert, Jazz and Combo bands at her school.
In the fall, she will attend Humber College for a Bachelor of Music in saxophone. After obtaining her Bachelor of Music, she intends to get her Masters in Music Therapy, and to specialise in working with children.
Ashley would like to thank her many music teachers for their support on her musical journey, and her family for all of their love and support along the way.

2011 scholarship winners:Nick Galuban and Dalia Al-Khajafy
Nicolas Galuban & Dalia Al-Khajafy are winners of the 2011 Stairwell Carollers' Scholarship.

Nick began playing the clarinet in Grade 7 and, over the years, has developed a passion for music. He is grateful for the support of family and so many inspiring teachers. In September 2011, he will enter the Bachelor of Music program at the University of Ottawa, specializing in Music Performance. For his Masters, Nick would love to study at a major music school in the U.S.A. His ultimate goal is to become a professional clarinetist playing in a major orchestra in Canada or the U.S.A.

Dalia is a graduate of Béatrice-Desloges Catholic High School. During her high school years, she won the position of Co-Principal Flautist in the Ottawa Youth Orchestra, played jazz with her brother (she on flute, he on piano). Dalia is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Music in Performance (flute) program at the University of Toronto. She plans on getting her teaching certificate after she completes her B.Mus. degree. Dalia's hope is to become a music teacher in a small high school, where she can help young musicians find their
own passion for music.

2010 scholarship winner:Gabrielle Porter                               20010 scholarship winner:Celina
Gabrielle Porter and Celina Hawkins are the recipients of the 2010 Stairwell Carollers' scholarship.

Gabi is attending McGill University for a Bachelor of Music degree in performance tuba. After her BMUS she intends to get a master's degree in performance or go to teacher's college. Her ultimate dream would be to play principal tuba in a major orchestra and be able to teach to younger musicians; best of both worlds.
She hopes to show one day that girls can play the tuba too!

Celina is a graduate of the Canterbury High School music program. It was through the guidance of her private teacher of 6 years, Angela Casagrande, that Celina developed a love and passion for the oboe. In the fall, Celina will be in the Bachelor of Music program at Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in oboe performance.
She hopes to share her passion for music by one day playing in a symphony orchestra.

2009 scholarship winner:Adel Kerkadi

    Adel Kerkadi is the 2009 recipient of the    
    Stairwell Carollers scholarship.    

He is a graduate of
École secondaire publique De La Salle,
where he studied music theory, as well as instrumental and vocal music.
Singing has always been one of his passions;
he gave his first public vocal
performance at age 9!

Over the years, Adel has made significant musical contributions within his
community and school. Adel has been
accepted into the Bachelor of Music
program at the University of Ottawa. He hopes to become a virtuoso musician and to study composition.
Best of luck in all of your endeavours, Adel!

2008 scholarship winner:Andrew Burn
Andrew Burn is one of two recipients of the 2008 Stairwell Carollers' scholarship. During his years at Canterbury High School, Andrew developed a love for music composition. With the support of his parents, he took private music theory and composition classes (on top of his required private Bassoon lessons) with Dr. Maya Badian.
Andrew is attending Carleton University (September 2008). He looks forward to practicing on his new Heckel Bassoon and Praetorius Alto Recorder.
Our best to Andrew, wishing him every success in all of his future endeavours – musical and otherwise!

2008 scholarship winner:Geoff McNeely
Geoff McNeely is the second recipient of our 2008 scholarship. Geoff is a recent graduate of Nepean High School. Geoff will be attending Montreal’s Concordia University for a major in Integrative Music Studies, to which he hopes to add a specialization in jazz. Geoff is a guitar player who encompasses a large spectrum of musical performance styles including jazz, classical, rock, pop, blues, funk and many others.
Throughout high school Geoff contributed to many school projects including musicals, jazz bands, and personal bands that performed at many community/school events. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, having experience on piano, voice, trumpet, and french horn. In addition, Geoff is versed when it comes to composition and recording, and plans to use all of the abilities to further his career as a musician.
Good luck Geoff!

2007 scholarship winner:Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold, of Ashbury College, is the 2007 recipient of our Scholarship. He has been accepted at both McGill University and the University of Toronto, and plans to major in voice performance. Corey also plans to study music theory and history, piano, composition, conducting, musical theatre, dance voice pedagogy, production direction and the use of computers in music. At some point, he would like to take a teaching position in a university music program.
Over the last 4 years, Corey has taken part in many school and community musical events, both as a singer (tenor) and musician (piano, trombone and tuba). He has won many awards and bursaries for his participation in choirs, musical productions, festivals, ensembles and competitions.
The Stairwell Carollers wish Corey every success in all of his future endeavours – musical and otherwise!

2006 scholarship winner:Geneviève Colletta
Geneviève Colletta from École secondaire publique De La Salle is the 2006 recipient of the Stairwell Carollers Scholarship.
She has been accepted in the Bachelor of Music program at University of Ottawa this fall and plans to major in voice performance.
Future plans involve a year of studying in Europe and then completing a Master’s degree in voice.
Geneviève has won numerous awards and participated in several festivals, choirs and ensembles in the area during the course of her 4 years in high school.
The carollers wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.

2005 scholarship winner:Corey Payette
Left to right: Diane Fraser (Chairperson Scholarship Committee),
Corey Payette, Pierre Massie (Director)

Corey Payette from Canterbury High School in Ottawa is the 2005 recipient.
Corey is studying music composition, digital electronic media (producing), music & cultures as well as other courses at York University.
He teaches piano and voice part time at the York Region Conservatory of Music and recently did a masterclass.
He is co-producer on INDIGO RECORDS new CD compilation due out in May 2006.
On November 11, 2005 Corey performed at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in an event that garnered media attention.
For upcoming performances, CD releases and pictures visit...


2006 scholarship winner:Geneviève Colletta

Selina McDonell, formerly of John McCrae Secondary School in Nepean, is the 2004 recipient.
She is currently doing her third year Bachelor of Music at the
University of Ottawa, majoring in vocal performance. Selina has participated in several
choirs, including Calixa Lavallée and The Choral Ensemble of the University of Ottawa.
Each of the past three years Selina has performed in the annual
University of Ottawa Opera including the 2007 production of Dialogues des Carmélites by Francis Poulenc.