Track 11
Come sirrah Jack ho
Thomas Weelkes (1576-1623)
arr: Pierre Massie

Come, sirrah Jack, ho!
Fill some Tobacco.
Bring a wire and some fire;
Haste, haste away, quick, I say,
do not stay, shun delay,
for I drank none good today.

I swear that this Tobacco
is perfect Trinidado;
by the very, very Mass,
never, never, never was
better gear than is here,
by the rood, for the blood
it is very, very good, 'tis very good.

Fill the pipe once more,
my brains dance trenchmore.
It is heady, I am giddy.
My head and brains, back and reins,
joints and veins, from all pains
it doth well purge and make clean.

Then those that do condemn it,
or such as not commend it,
never were so wise to learn
good Tobacco to discern,
Let them go, pluck a crow,
and not know, as I do,
the sweet, the sweet, the sweet of Trinidado.