Application deadline is March 15st     

Welcome to the application page.
Who is eligible to apply?
Students who…
• are in their final year of high school.
• will be pursuing a bachelor of music degree at a Canadian University.
• have demonstrated outstanding commitment towards their musical pursuits.
• have helped engage and entertain other students in the musical field.

All candidates must provide the following documents in word or pdf formats:
▢ A reference letter from your teacher (preferably your high school teacher).
▢ The transcript of your academic record. (specifically, your "Ontario Student Transcript" (Relevé de notes collégial - QC)).
▢ A one to two page essay entitled "The role of music in my life".
▢ A separate page detailing your involvement in your school music program.
     - what you play, for how long, participation in school music productions/events & festivals, choir(s), training, etc
▢ A separate page detailing your involvement in your community.
     - lessons, community production or performances, competitions, other community groups or ensembles, charity or fundraising events
▢ A separate page with details of your University plans and goals.
▢ A performance of three contrasting pieces, on your instrument(s) in common audio/video formats.
    ■ One of these should be a video.
    ■ One of the pieces must be accompanied.
    ■ The three recordings together should not exceed 10 minutes TOTAL.
▢ A word document with links to your three recordings.
▢ Sheet music for each of the pieces.
▢ Our completed application form. Download and save it before filling it in. To verify you have everything, a checklist is provided on the form.

Email everything electronically to:

Do not send audio or video files electronically.

How do we decide?

The recipient will be chosen by the Stairwell Carollers Scholarship Committee on the basis of the following weighted criteria:
➢ Excellence of the applicant (academic records, letter of reference, university plans & goals (10%)
➢ Involvement in School and Community (20%)
➢ Essay (20%)
➢ Performance (40%)
➢ Overall Potential (10%)

The decision of the Scholarship Committee will be considered final.
All candidates will be informed of the results of their scholarship application in May of the current year.